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Dempsey Insurance FAQ's (MA Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, etc...)

Patrick Dempsey Jul 16, 2012 9:30:00 AM


“My auto insurance went up, but my vehicle is a year older”

                Auto insurance in Massachusetts was decreasing for a few years once the state opened the market and deregulated the pricing, but the costs associated with repairing vehicles and liability claims have not decreased. Companies therefore do increase rates annually (sometimes semi-annually) and it is usually the main reason for cost increase. Other things to consider are driving record (were you in an accident or did you get a ticket since last year?), did you get a new vehicle, did you add a driver, or has your address changed. Still stumped? Contact your agent and let them take a look.



“I have other structures listed on my home insurance, but I don’t have any other structures”

                The most important coverage on your home insurance policy is your dwelling coverage A. That is the coverage you pay for on the policy and other structures, personal property and loss of use are all percentage amounts based on the dwelling. “Other structures” is usually 10% of your dwelling coverage. You do not pay extra for this amount unless you increase over the allotted amount (say you had a barn on the property and needed a lot more coverage than 10%). Want to go over the dwelling coverage and think that is too high or low, call your agent.

Boat Insurance

“What happens if my neighbor’s tree falls on my house?”

                This would actually be your home insurance policy that responds; unless the tree was rotted or decayed in which case it could be a liability claim against the neighbor’s policy. Best to contact the agency and file a claim and have the company determine the circumstances, but be sure to mention details surrounding the claim and if safe and or possible photos can always help in the claims process.

“What if I have a claim on my home insurance, will my company cancel me?”

                Home insurance can be non-renewed due to claim frequency; filing one claim would typically not give the company reason to cancel a homeowner policy. If there have been multiple claims in only a few years it makes it appear as though that trend could continue and companies will cease coverage when the term expires (they will notify in advance).

“I am traveling on vacation and renting a car, will my insurance cover me?”

                The Massachusetts personal auto policy can follow you in most cases when you are operating a temporary substitute vehicle. You can utilize the coverage you have purchased on your primary use vehicle. This coverage does not typically apply internationally. If you are renting a car in Europe or say your policy does not have collision coverage than you would want to purchase insurance on a rental. We recommend purchasing rental coverage on any vehicle you rent, certain coverage such as “loss of use” cannot be covered by your Massachusetts auto policy. Sometimes certain credit card companies will offer this coverage if your use their card to rent the vehicle. Always make sure to report and list all potential drivers to the rental company.

"I have a boat, but won't the insurance be expensive?"

                 Actually boat insurance can be affordable and conveniently you can insure your boat through your homeowner insurance in most cases. Depending upon the waters navigated, the value of the boat and the extent of coverage you can get the coverage and price you want.

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