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What is RV Insurance?

Recreational vehicles have both the comforts of home and the mobility of an automobile, and this combination creates unique insurance needs. These vehicles need a medley of coverage that are normally found in auto and homeowners insurance policies, and RV insurance makes that medley available to RV owners in Massachusetts.

RV insurance policies are often separated into three classes, with each class being designed for a different type of vehicle. The three classes are (unoriginally) named:

  • Class A, which normally covers converted buses and the largest RVs

  • Class B, which normally covers camper vans, travel trailers and shorter RVs

  • Class C, which normally covers fifth-wheels and van-based RVs

RV Insurance Massachusetts


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What Coverages Are Available Through Motorhome Insurance Policies?

Motorhome insurance policies offer a wide range of coverages to meet the multiple protection needs that RV owners have. Many of the coverages are similar to those found in standard auto policies, although terms, conditions, exclusions and limits may differ some. Other coverages normally aren’t included in typical auto policies.

The following are some of the coverages that auto policies frequently also offer:

  • Bodily Injury Coverage, which may cover injuries sustained by people outside an RV

  • Personal Injury Coverage, which may cover injuries sustained by people inside an RV

  • Comprehensive and Collision Coverage, which may cover damage sustained by an RV

  • Property Damage Liability Coverage, which may cover damage caused to others’ property

  • Underinsured and Uninsured Motorist Coverage, which may cover accidents caused by inadequately insured drivers

  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance, which may include emergency fuel delivery, flat tire changes and other services

Some of the coverages that motorhome policies frequently offer but auto policies usually don’t are:

  • Emergency Expenses Coverage, which might help pay unanticipated trip costs incurred after a covered incident

  • Vacation and Campsite Coverage, which might extend multiple protections during road trips

Full-Timer Coverage, which people who live in their RVs might need

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Are Personal Belongings Covered by Motorhome Insurance Policies?

Most motorhome insurance policies make coverage for personal belongings available, but RV owners ought to check any homeowners, condo or renters insurance that they have before selecting coverage through a motorhome policy.

Most of these other policies cover personal belongings, and some have “worldwide coverage” that extends protection to most regions of the world and country. If worldwide coverage for personal belongings is included in another insurance policy, purchasing duplicate coverage through a motorhome policy is likely unnecessary.

An insurance agent who specializes in motorhome insurance can help RV owners review their other insurance policies and determine whether they need to include coverage for their personal belongings in an RV policy.

RV Insurance Massachusetts

What Massachusetts Residents Need a Motorhome Policy?

Most Massachusetts residents who own RVs should have a motorhome policy. Residents generally need coverage to take their RVs on public roads in the state, and getting more than the required coverage ensures residents and their beloved RVs are well protected from many potential risks.

Should RV Owners Cancel Their Motorhome Policies When Not Taking Trips?

While canceling a motorhome policy when not using an RV might seem like an easy way to save on premiums, doing so causes two issues. First, insurance companies might charge higher premiums for future policies if they see that there was a gap in coverage. Second, not carrying coverage leaves an RV unprotected from damage that might occur while the RV is in storage.

Rather than completely canceling their RV policy, owners can adjust their coverages when they get back from trips. An insurance agent can help owners adjust their coverage when they take their RV into and out of storage, and an agent will know how to adjust converges so that premiums are affordable but there aren’t significant gaps in protection.

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How Can RV Owners in Massachusetts Get RV Insurance?

For help finding RV Insurance, contact Dempsey Insurance. Our independent insurance agents have helped many RV owners in Massachusetts, and we’re here to assist you as well. Agent can help you find a policy, and they’re available anytime you need to adjust coverages before or after a trip.

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