Commercial Trucking Insurance in Massachusetts

What is Commercial Trucking Insurance?

Commercial trucking can be a profitable venture, but it comes with an array of inherent risks as businesses in this industry are exposed to both liability- and property-related perils. Commercial trucking insurance policies help protect Massachusetts companies that operate commercial trucks from an array of risks that they’re exposed to.

Commercial trucking insurance policies are commercial auto policies that have been uniquely crafted to meet the risk mitigation needs of companies that have commercial trucks. Most policies are package policies that offer several coverages, some of which are required by law and others that are optional.

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What Massachusetts Businesses Need a Commercial Truck Insurance Policy?

The vast majority of Massachusetts businesses that own commercial trucks need a commercial truck policy. Insurance is generally required by state law if vehicles are taken on public roads, and this is usually the most appropriate kind of policy for businesses with trucks.

Some specific examples of businesses that might need a commercial truck insurance policy include:

  • Freight transportation companies that run box trucks or tractor-trailers
  • Waste removal companies that run recycling or garbage trucks
  • Moving companies that run box trucks or tractor-trailers
  • Delivery companies that run vans or box trucks
  • Car transport companies that run car transporters or duallys with trailers
  • Tradespeople and contractors that run vans, pickup trucks or box trucks
  • Other businesses with commercially licensed trucks

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Commercial Trucking Insurance Massachusetts

Do Contractors That Use Personal Trucks for Work Need Commercial Truck Insurance?

Independent contractors and sole proprietors who use a truck for both business and personal driving should speak with a knowledgeable insurance agent about their situation. Personal auto policies can occasionally be adapted to also cover basic work driving, but often commercial truck insurance is necessary in these situations. An agent who specializes in these types of policies will be able to help contractors and sole proprietors determine whether they need a personal or commercial policy.

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What Protections Are Available Through Commercial Truck Policies?

Commercial truck policies generally must meet the state-mandated minimum auto insurance requirements in Massachusetts and any applicable federal requirements. Many companies opt for policies that offer more than the minimum mandated protection.

Broadly speaking, there are a few primary coverages that commercial truck insurance policies commonly make available. Some of these are:

  • Liability Coverage, which might protect against accidents resulting in property damage or physical harm to others
  • Physical Damage Coverage, which might protect against damage to an owned truck that occurs in an accident or other incident
  • Unidentified Trailer Coverage, which might protect against damage to trailers that aren’t owned by an insured company 
  • Trailer Cargo Coverage, which might protect against damage to cargo that’s hauled in a trailer or truck
  • Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage, which might protect against accidents caused by improperly insured drivers.

Trailer cargo coverage is often unique to commercial trucking policies and not found in other types of auto policies. The coverage frequently protects cargo against both damage and loss (subject to a policy's particular terms and conditions). When selecting a policy, companies generally ought to look for trailer cargo coverage that’s designed for the type of cargo they transport or carry.

Commercial Trucking Insurance Massachusetts

What is Non-Trucking Coverage?

Non-trucking coverage normally insures a commercial truck during times when it’s being driven for non-work uses. For example, the coverage might protect a commercial truck as the truck is driven from a warehouse to the driver’s personal residence. Drivers who occasionally operate their truck in non-work settings normally need this protection.

How Can Companies in Massachusetts Get Commercial Trucking Insurance?

For help finding commercial trucking insurance that’ll protect your company’s trucks well, contact the independent insurance agents at Dempsey Insurance. Our Massachusetts agents have the expertise necessary to get your company a policy that meets its needs, and we can help identify the best available policy no matter what insurer offers it.

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