General Liability Insurance in Massachusetts

What is General Liability Insurance?

A lot of businesses face common liability risks regardless of their industry, location or size. General liability insurance policies offer Massachusetts businesses protection against a number of these common perils.

General liability insurance is normally designed to safeguard businesses from covered third-party lawsuits. These are most often suits filed by customers, vendors or other companies.

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What Protections Does General Liability Coverage Provide?

Like most types of insurance, the exact protections that general liability coverage provides can vary. The majority of general liability policies, however, offer some form of the following:

  • Bodily Injury Coverage, which might cover injuries that non-employees sustain on a business’ property
  • Property Damage Coverage, which may cover damage that a business causes to another party’s property
  • Personal Advertising Injury Coverage, which might cover lawsuits that accuse a business of false advertising, slander or libel

Policies can offer additional protections as optional coverages, but these additional protections are less uniform across policies.

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General Liability Insurance in Massachusetts

Do General Liability Policies Provide Product Liability Coverage?

Some general liability policies offer product liability coverage, but there are others that don’t. Moreover, those policies that do provide product liability coverage frequently have low limits for the protection.

A few businesses may be able to get all of the product liability protection that they need through a general liability policy that includes this coverage. Many businesses that need this coverage, however, want higher limits than a general liability policy will afford. These businesses often end up purchasing a product liability-specific policy in addition to their general liability policy.

Do General Liability Policies Provide Coverage for Employee Injuries?

Since general liability policies are normally designed to insure against lawsuits filed by third parties, policies frequently don’t offer coverage for employees who are injured at work. Working employees typically aren’t considered third-party individuals.

Instead, work-related injuries suffered by employees tend to fall under the domain of workers compensation insurance. Businesses that have employees can purchase this insurance as a separate policy.

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What Massachusetts Businesses Need General Liability Coverage?

There are many Massachusetts businesses that can benefit from having general liability coverage. Because this coverage protects against a broad range of common risks, it’s something that small and large businesses can often use.

Should Professionals Have a General Liability Policy?

Professionals who run their own businesses are one of the many various businesses that should consider getting a general liability policy. This coverage is particularly important for professionals because professionals:

  • Are sometimes targeted by opportunistic lawsuits
  • Often don’t have the resources needed for an expensive lawsuit
  • Don’t normally get the same protections through professional liability insurance

What Factors Affect General Liability Policies’ Premiums?

Insurance companies consider many factors when setting premiums for general liability policies. Some of the items insurers might consider include:

  • What industry a business is in
  • Where a business’ facilities are located
  • How large a business’ facilities are
  • What coverages and limits a business selects
General Liability Insurance in Massachusetts

How Can Businesses in Massachusetts Get General Liability Insurance?

General liability coverage may be purchased through a single-coverage policy, a business owners policy or a commercial package policy. In order to find the best available policy at the most affordable rates, businesses must not only compare general liability policies but also have to weigh each of these three options.

For help finding the best available solution, businesses should talk with a Dempsey Insurance agent who’s familiar with general liability insurance and other commercial insurances. Our agents are free to compare policies from different insurers, and they know how to compare individual policies, business owners policies and commercial package policies. With an agent’s expertise, businesses can quickly and easily find the solution that will give the most robust coverage at an affordable rate.

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