Restaurant Insurance in Massachusetts

What is Restaurant Insurance?

Restaurant owners have a lot invested in their establishments, and those investments ought to be protected. Restaurant insurance policies help Massachusetts restaurateurs protect their establishments from a variety of potential risks.

Restaurant insurance is a specialized form of commercial insurance that’s uniquely tailored to the needs of dining establishments. Most restaurant policies include a variety of coverages that work together to provide robust protections.

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What Coverages Are Available Through Restaurant Policies?

Restaurant owners are often able to customize their policy’s particular coverages, so the exact coverages that restaurant policies offer can vary. Nevertheless, there are some coverages that many restaurateurs select. These can be divided into property coverages and liability ones.

Some of the property coverages that restaurant owners might want include:

  • Building Coverage, which may insure any building a restaurant owns
  • Contents Coverage, which may insure smaller equipment that a restaurant owns
  • Food Contamination Coverage, which may insure foods and ingredients
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage, which may insure essential equipment

Some of the liability coverages that restaurateurs might get are:

  • General Liability Coverage, which may cover a range of common accidents
  • Product Liability Coverage, which may cover a foodborne illness that a restaurant spreads
  • Liquor Liability Coverage, which may cover alcohol-related incidents
  • Cyber Liability Coverage, which may cover online attacks and data breaches
  • Umbrella Liability Coverage, which may provide extra liability protection

In addition to these coverages, restaurants that offer delivery or off-site catering might need some form of auto insurance. Commercial auto policies are normally used to insure vehicles owned by businesses, such as a food truck or delivery van. Hired and non-owned vehicle coverage might be used to insure employee vehicles that are used when making deliveries.

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Restaurant Insurance in Massachusetts

Do Restaurant Policies Include Workers Compensation Insurance?

Many restaurants in Massachusetts need workers compensation insurance. State law generally requires businesses that have employees to carry this coverage, and few restaurants have no employees.

Workers compensation insurance frequently isn’t available through restaurant policies, however. Instead, it often must be obtained separately through a stand-alone policy.  Insurance agents who help with restaurant insurance usually can also assist with workers compensation coverage.

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What Massachusetts Restaurants Need a Restaurant Policy?

Few restaurants could afford to completely rebuild from scratch or deal with a major liability lawsuit by themselves. Therefore, most restaurants in Massachusetts should consider getting a restaurant policy that meets their needs.

Restaurateurs can find a policy that’s well-suited for their specific establishment by talking with an experienced insurance agent who specializes in restaurant coverage.

Restaurant Insurance in Massachusetts

Are Restaurant Policies Expensive?

Because restaurant owners can customize their policies’ coverages, the premiums that insurers charge for policies vary. Along with the coverages selected, insurance companies may also base coverage on the following and other factors:

  • Where a restaurant is located
  • How large a restaurant’s space is
  • How many customers a restaurant serves
  • Whether a restaurant offers alcoholic beverages
  • Whether a restaurant has previously filed insurance claims

Even once all the factors are considered, restaurant policies frequently are quite affordable. Most restaurant owners find the monthly premiums much more affordable than potentially facing a major claim without any protection in place.

How Can Restaurants Get Restaurant Insurance?

For help finding a restaurant policy that’s tailored to your particular Massachusetts establishment’s needs, contact the insurance agents at Dempsey Insurance. Our independent agents are able to compare policies from different insurers in the state, and they’re familiar with the coverages that are available through restaurant insurance policies. They’ll work hard to find you the policy that has the coverages you want at a price your restaurant can afford.

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