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Massachusetts Insurance Agent go to Washington DC!

Patrick Dempsey May 13, 2012 9:00:00 AM

Massachusetts Insurance Agents and Young Agents Go To Washington DC To Speak With Their State Politicians:

For the last three years, I have been representing Dempsey Insurance as a Massachusetts Insurance Agent at the Big “I” Legislative Conference, in Washington DC.  This was by far the most productive year I have experienced. In the past, issues such as the passage of national health care and the budget took center stage and muted our voice. This year (an election year) our voices felt much more powerful and there could be no denying our impact as a collective group of agents not only from Massachusetts, but from around the country.

I have always described the experience as a way to see behind the curtain of DC. There is no more powerful message than going into those officials’ offices and saying what needs to be heard. This year the Massachusetts Insurance Agent Group was joined by four members of the Young Agent Committee, Ben Cavallo, Kevin Gallant, Heather Cochrane and myself.

      Our most pressing issues this year dealt with topics such as Flood Policy reform and a long term extension of the plan, a national agent licensing bill referred to as NARAB II and caution around insurance regulatory reform on a federal basis.

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Personally the trip was a stunning success as we met with nearly every Massachusetts Representative and our message was delivered directly. I worked hard to set a meeting with Representative Stephen Lynch from the 9th district and that day it looked as though he would be unable to attend. But by a stroke of luck, at the last second he was able to return to the office and sit with us for the second half of our meeting. Representative Lynch took a visible interest in the Flood Reform information (the house has passed extension plans the last two years, only for them to stall in the senate). At the conclusion of the meeting with Representative Lynch’s office I had a good feeling about the day of meetings ahead for the Massachusetts agent delegation.

To learn more about how you could participate in The Massachusetts Young Agent Group contact Patrick Dempsey at Dempsey Insurance

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