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Get Ready for Snow and Ice

Kate Dempsey Dec 16, 2020 12:56:24 PM

A winter storm is in today's forecast so we wanted to share                               some great tips from our friends at Plymouth Rock Assurance.

For Your Home

  • To prevent frozen pipes, set your thermostat to a warm temperature. If you're leaving town, set it to no lower than 65 degrees.
  • Make sure you have working flashlights, nonperishable food items and water in case you lose power or the storm keeps you house-bound for more than a day.
  • Stay indoors during the storm and follow these tips to avoid snow shoveling-related injuries.

On the Road

  • Snow can accumulate quickly, creating slick conditions. If possible, avoid driving during the storm.
  • If you must drive, be sure to stock your vehicle's winter roadside emergency kit with all the essentials including snacks, blankets, a windshield de-icer, a spare phone charger and flare lights. Check your oil and antifreeze levels.
  • If there’s even the slightest threat of snow in the forecast, keep your motorcycle off the road, properly stored and winterized.

After the Storm

Stay safe and warm this week!

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