If you would like to file a claim or inquire about a filed claim through our office please email Kate@demsure.com


If our office is unavailable you can report a claim direct with your company


Commerce Insurance or 800-221-1605


Andover Cos. (Merrimack & Bay-State) (After Hours and Weekends Only)


Harleysville (Nationwide) or 800-892-8877


Quincy Mutual or 800-899-1116


Safety Insurance (View Filed Claim Online)or call 800-951-2100 


Safety Auto Insurance Glass Claim 877-615-6576


Plymouth Rock (View Filed Claim Online) or call 888-324-1620


Bunker Hill (View Filed Claim Online) or call 888-472-5246

Progressive or call 800-444-4487

Concord Mutual (Green Mountain) or call 800-852-3380